How To Connect PC To TV?

How To Connect PC To TV?

Some time ago, TV sets were used as Monitars (moniter) in personal computers (personal computer) because they did not come with Monitar. The images displayed were simple and low quality (quality). But now a lot of quality (quality) videos are available on the Internet, as well as high definition (high defination) television, you can Kanaikat TV to PC and use both as Digital Media Center (Digital Media Center). Here's what you have to do to do this.

How To Connect PC To TV?

Method- Video by Cable

1. Find out which video output port in your PC (video outputs port (s)): There may be several types; Your computer may have more than one output port.

  • VGA (VGA) port that is Samanayatah rectangular is divided into 15 pinss, three rows (row) and 5 pinss in each row. Many Monitars live Kanaikat (connect) to the computer by corresponding.
  • The video port is in a circular (circular) shape with four, seven or nine pins.
  • Kaposit (composit) is the size of the video port circular Jack (circular jack), usually in a yellow code (code).
  • The digital video interface (digital video interfaces) (DVI (DVI)) port is rectangular, which is divided into 24 pins, 3 rows. Each row holds 8 pins. This is designed for high definition connections.
  • The High Definition Multi media (Multi Media) interface (HDMI (HDMI) port that is similar to the USB (USB) port, but is longer and thinner. And it's definition from 2008 to PC and it's also designed for high-proconnection connections. 
2. See what video input (input) port in your TV: This depends on your standard definition TV (standard defination), or high definition TV. New, especially flat screen TV, mostly high definition TV, while the old TV is standard definition TV.

  1. Standard definition TV usually contains kaposit video port or S-video port; However, the display does not remain as clear as normal Monitar.
  2. High definition TVs contain VGA, DVI, or HDMI ports. The VGA connection returns the analogue signal (analog signal), while DVI or HDMI returns a high quality analogue signal.
3. Choose the right video cable to kanaikat the PC to the TV.

If your PC's output port is the same type, and your TV's input port is the same, select the cable that has the same type of Kanaikatar (Connetor) on both ends.

If your PC's output port and your TV input are both different, you'll need an adaptor (adapter) cable. Adaptors work to convert DVI to HDMI, or VGA. If your PC does not have a HDMI port, you can use the adaptor cable to kanaikat the HDMI port of your TV to your computer's USB port.

4. If needed, take a adio cable: In some computers and high definition TVs, Adio and videos can kanaikat from the same cable while others require different adio and video cables.
If your TV has a HDMI port and a HDMI Enebal sound card (sound cards), you don't need a separate adio cable; If not, the Adio cable is required separately.

The Adio output of your PC is 3.5 mm jack, which is green-coded, or has a sign of headphone (headphone), or a mark of "line out". From here you can kanaikat from the outside speaker (external speaker) If you have Adio input in the TV from a Adio cable, or not.

5. Turn PC off (shutdown).

6. Remove Monitar (disconnect): If you have high definition TV and your PC has a video card with Achditivi (HDTV), and if your video card has a lot of video output, you can skip this step.

7. Keep your PC next to the TV: mouse and leave the keyboard just like that.

9. From the Adio cable to your PC, Kanaikat the TV's Adio port from 3.5mm to Adio Jack: In most PCs, you have to do this to get the cable, which is from 3.5 mm to 3 RCA AV (RCA AV) video cables and also auxiliary (support) for Adio.

10. Set up your TV with input coming from the computer: You can follow the instructions in your TV's User Guide (users manual) if needed.

11. If your video cable is not helpful for adio and you are using Adio cable separately, and if voice is not hearing, fix your TV's Adio settings: If your cable is not helpful to Adio , make sure your adio is not coming from HDMI or any other digital signal. If your adio is turned on and working, try changing the Adio settings to digital video.

12. Turn on the PC (turn on): You'll see a PC's (startup) screen when it's running in TV.

13. You can change the screen resolution if needed, so that if you kanaikat from high definition TV that has espect ratio (aspect ratio) of 16:9, the picture will appear to be spread. Use a screen resolution that has espect of this ratio.

If you don't see the identified picture, you'll need to temporarily disconnect the Monitar and fix the resolution before kanaikat the PC to the TV.

How To Connect PC To TV?

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