How to create a YouTube account?

How to create a YouTube account?

YouTube allows you to search the user, view millions of community and comments, give ratings and feedback to your favorite videos, upload and share your own videos with millions of people, and save your favorite videos for later viewing. Here's how to create a YouTube account. (Make a YouTube Account)
How to create a YouTube account


1.Go to YouTube website to start: You get to understand a few things before you open an account:
When creating a YouTube account, you are also creating a Gmail account. This will appear as [YouTube username] @gmail. com.
In creating a YouTube account, you are also creating a Google + account. Google + is a social networking site similar to Facebook. You log in to YouTube or Gmail; Here you will be able to adjust your settings in the Google + TAB at the top of your browser. If you don't want a Google + account, you can still delete it, keeping your YouTube account.
What's different is what you can do on YouTube, but not on Google's other sites. For example, if you do something on YouTube, it will not appear on Google +.

2.button in the upper-right corner of the home page  Click "" sign in  "".

3.Login to the page under the login form  "Create an account  Click the button:
If you already have a Gmail account, you should also have a YouTube account. Use your Gmail username and password to log in to YouTube.

4.Fill out the required information: Your e-mail address, username, date of birth, gender, and "I accept  Click on ".

5.If you need to; To verify that you are not a machine, provide a phone number: Sometimes Google will ask for verification from you in order to cut fake accounts or reduce accounts managed by bots.

6.If necessary, type the verification code:

7.Decorate your youtube page: on your profile page, among other things you can add a main picture and your own background. Try to express yourself.

8.Start enjoying account perks: Once you've signed up to YouTube, you can do it all.
Create videos and add to your YouTube community.
Track your favorite users by subscribing to their channel.
Manage your favorite songs, videos and online episodes.
Make comments on the video and socialize with other community members.


  • It takes time to get subsucribers and look. It did not occur in 15 minutes before you uploaded your first video.
  • Always be careful on YouTube. There are some crazy people on this. If you are a child, you should always ask your parents before creating an account. It may not seem like it, but they know better.
  • If you get rud comments, don't be so bad, because only a good comment can do it all the better. Logos are not just protected in their own account, so only the comments in rudely are made.
  • If you do not feel secure in creating a public account; So can always create a personal account.
  • Never give your personal information on video.


  • It is imperative that you review the Community guidelines and terms of service well before creating a YouTube account.
  • If you have a rude comment or a bad call or threaten you, immediately tell a trusted adult. Don't answer or sit silent. This will only make matters worse.
  • See out-many bad guys on YouTube, so ask your parents before going on the basis of your age.
  • Your age for joining YouTube should actually be more than 13 years, if you don't, you can't get involved.

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