Adsense Quick Approval Secret Method

Adsense Quick Approval Secret Method

Adsense quick approval with professional method,Hello friend, today i tell you how can you approve your adsense account in a short time period.  i have five method or secret tricks by using them you can approve your account easly. I have discribed these method in my post.

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1. Top level domain name

if you want to create new blog or website than must use top level domain for your website. it help you in the quick approval of your adsense account. please don't your free domian like .ga ,.tk , .ml ,.cl . these domain not fullfil the google popicy for adsense approval.
Adsense Quick Approval

2. Organic Traffic

when you apply for the google adsense the google check your website traffic that it is real or not , where it is coming from. google never approve such website that has paid or fake traffic. so, please don't try to increase  your website trafffic your self google will not approve your site.

3. Copy Content

adsense disapprove all website that create any type of volation in google policy one of which is copyright content. don't paste the content of other website in your website it is against f ggle policy.

4. About, Privacy or Contact us Pages

your site must have these three page to complete or fullfill the google adsense policy.
all these pages should be clearly defined and well written. do not use page generator for create all these page. google can easly find generated or copy pages.

5. Blog Design

the design of your website must be good and adorable. it should be easly understandable,
the navigation system must be correct. over all format of your website must be good of easly understandabe. the background color  should not be higly dark or shiny.


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