San Dimas Investigator Found Two Men Shot 1 Man Dead

1 Killed in San Dimas

On Sunday in San Dimas, two people were shot, one of whom was largely undiagnosed, and investigators were working to find out what caused the murderous shooting.

The slain person's family members and relatives were visually emotional, supporting each other as soon as they gathered in front of the police tape, separated them from the body of their loved one, shot dead.

The aggrieved person's uncle Solomon Moreno said,  "We are from the locality. "Solomon Moreno is relative in our neighbourhood, family member, friend. What he was doing, I don't know. "

The victim's family said the largely poopy person was 33-year-old Michael Moreno.

  "I never known him as a violent person,  "Solomon Moreno said of his nephew. "He's a thoughtless person. 

Sheriff's deputies say they responded to just before 6:30 on Sunday evening and found two men shot on Acacia Street, south of Bonita Avaue.

 "I heard four bullets, rn "Britney Lovio, who was driving by, said.

One person, identified as Michael Moreno by the family, died at the scene. Another man was taken to the hospital in which at least one gunshot wound. Detectives say both victims met outside a pick-up truck.

 "Life is so weak,  "Solomon Moreno said solemnly. "It can be taken like that, Tuhe know what I mean? You never know. 

Throughout the night, detectives plan to clear and comb the street for witnesses and any vigil to help Uhe figure out what happened.


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